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  • 01-06-2017 - 'IN THE AIR' OUT NOW!

    Here we go! 'In The Air' is the new huge collaboration between these two Italian club-smashers: Dario Synth and Simon Dekkers. The big bad kickbase it will destroy everything around you and the lead vocal remember you what is the true meaning of a party, Enjoy it!

  • 09-06-2016 - 'WITHOUT YOU' OUT NOW!

    Built around Anto's warm vocals and Dario Synth's massive arrangement, 'Without You' is a brand new, progressive house track that's sure to become a massive dance anthem around the world. The track is charged with emotion, blending acoustic instruments with deep electronic textures. On 'Without You,' the duo really played to their strengths, harnessing the synergy in this all-Italian team; Dario Synth kept the track close to the dance-floor, while Anto added his bright, breathtaking voice to the mix. This amazing collaboration is the result of mixing two artists, two musical genres and two minds. Don't miss 'Without You'!

  • 22-04-2016 - 'SPARTA' OUT NOW!

    The massive collaboration between Dario Synth and Simon Dekkers hits again with this brand new anthem titled 'Sparta'. The track builds to incredible heights before dropping into thick main room electro territory! This will have the crowd jumping in no time!

  • 20-04-2016 - 'SMASH (DELUXE EDITION)' OUT NOW!

    Smash the club with this awesome tune by Dario Synth and Simon Dekkers. The stomping kicks and the crazy siren create a cool drop that leaves you totally defenseless and ready to jump on any floor. After the success of the contest held by Full Stop Records, the winner remixes have been included in the deluxe edition. Don't miss 'Smash', the new track of this amazing duo!